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The World Health Organization estimates that 180 million people suffer from severe visual impairment (legally blind, by U.S. standards) worldwide. The leading correctable cause of blindness throughout the world is cataracts, and 90% of this blindness is found in the developing world.

Eye Care Clinic in Honduras

Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (behind only Haiti).  In the South of Honduras reside the poorest of their poor. Seventy percent of Hondurans over 50 years of age have cataracts. Most reside in the South. There are 45,000 potential cataract patients there. We began Project Vision in 2011 with the partnership of SEE International, with two volunteer surgeons and a full support staff from the US and from elsewhere in Honduras.  Our first year saw the restoration of sight for 47 individuals.  In 2012, we doubled that number.  Each year has seen increases in the number of individuals we have been able to screen as well as increases in the number of surgeries performed.  To date, KHISH volunteer surgeons have restored sight to over 1,300 people.  KHISH has provided many thousands of pair of sunglasses for the prevention of premature cataract formation.

KHISH ProjectVision has the goal of increasing of frequency of volunteer brigades and eventually constructing a permanent eye care facility in San Lorenzo, Honduras.