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Hospital Oftalmalogico de San Lorenzo at Juan Orland

Recognizing that intermittent eye surgery brigades are is mportant and welcome, the sheer number of individuals in Southern Honduras who require eye care is overwhelming. Patients lack access to basic eye care due to geography and their poverty.  The nearest providers of eye care are a long 60-mile journey by bus to the capital city away.  Even the least expensive source of cataract surgery there requires an expenditure of hundreds of dollars, which is prohibitive for the poor in Southern Honduras.  Many older adults have come to expect that becoming blind is inevitable by the age of 60, leading families to to have to forgo school and employment to care for the vision-impaired grandparents. Although Cataract is a thirty-minute surgical procedure would restore vision, cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness in the developing world, and is readily corrected by a thirty minute surgical procedure in the hands of an experienced surgeon.

KHISH’s goal is to establish a permanent outpatient surgical center on the outskirts of San Lorenzo that that will house ongoing facilities for eye care and a training center for eye  care professionals to serve the region.  The City Council of San Lorenzo has arranged for the transfer of a large parcel of land of land to be the future home for of a hospital to serve Southern Honduras and surrounding areas.

Fundraising for the hospital is scheduled to begin as soon as the legal transfer of the land has been accomplished.

Eye Hospital Site

Eye Hospital Site for the Construction of the San Lorenzo Hospital

Eye Hospital Site

Certificate for Hospital Land

Certificate for Hospital Land

Members of theFundaciòn de Apoyo y Vigilencia Pro – Mejoramiento del Hospital San Lorenzo, Honduras  with  KHISH Proyecto Visión ONGD Board January 2013.

Los miembros de theFundaciòn de Apoyo y Vigilencia Pro – Mejoramiento del Hospital San Lorenzo, Honduras con Khish Proyecto Visión ONGD Junta enero 2013.

Doctors holding local proSymbolic Exchange of School Suppies and Melons Between  KHISH Project Vision and Agrrolibano Prinicipal Benefactorduce

Symbolic Exchange of School Suppies and Melons Between  KHISH Project Vision and Agrrolibano Prinicipal Benefactor Hospital San Lorenzo January 2013

 Intercambio simbólico de suppies escolares y Melones Entre Khish ProyectoVisión y Agrrolibano prinicipal Benefactor Hospital San Lorenzo 01 2013