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KHISH Project Vision is pleased to launch a preventative care program for reducing the number of early-onset cataract and ultraviolet radiation-related eye diseases that plague up to 70% of Honduran field workers. KHISH believes that by providing sunglasses to children and encouraging the youth to wear them, we can catch the problem before it begins. Sunglasses do not need to be polarized or have other specialized features to be effective in protecting young eyes from a lifetime of exposure to the harsh equatorial sun!

Child being held by mother

There are many ways to support this initiative. Monetary donations are preferred, as the cost to physically ship donated glasses to Honduras is often more expensive than purchasing new children’s sunglasses outright, prepackaged and in bulk.

Would you like to organize a sunglasses drive?

If you have an idea to raise funds for shipment, purchasing, or collection of sunglasses for this effort, we would love to hear about it! We encourage all those interested in learning more about our grassroots efforts to contact us, and to become involved in this very rewarding work.