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The communities of Puerto Grande and Moropocay are in the South of Honduras.  Moropocay is , perched on a mountaintop and has only recently received electrical service.  Puerto Grande is at a lower elevation, on the beautiful Golfo de Fonseco on the Pacific Coast.  KHISH’s medical doctors, including Dr. Ronald David, Dr. Susan Pillsbury David, Dr. Barbara Olsson, and Dr. Adolfo Moreno, examine hundreds of residents of these communities on each day as they conduct a medical clinic in the village. The patients who present themselves for treatment may have walked for hours, and then wait patiently for their turn to be seen.  They give their names to the registration team members, who search a basic paper the medical records system for a chart of prior visits.  KHISH now has over three thousand charts and has begun to scan them into a searchable database.  Dr. Moreno uses these medical records in his clinics as well. These records provide continuity of care since 2008.

Patients have their vital signs taken by a nurse, then are examined by a doctor who works, when needed, with a Spanish/English translator. Prescriptions from the doctors are filled immediately at a pharmacy at the rear of the building. The KHISH’s goal is to provide each patient with enough medication, worm medicine and vitamins to suffice until the next clinic.  In addition to KHISH’s annual medical brigades, Dr. Moreno visits Puerto Grande and Moropocay quarterly with financial support from Presbyterian congregations in the US.  He has been able to provide ongoing care for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and epilepsy.  In recent years, our annual brigades have been expanded to include to Juan Orlando (the site of the planned Eye Hospital) and Las Crucitas.