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Children’s Activities

In past years we have used a Vacation Bible School program to occupy the children who attend the medical and dental clinics with their parents. In 2010 this program was elevated to a new level of improving reading skills. Dr. Seonhee Cho and Boo Elmore played games and read stories to the children. Their responses to the stories and games helped the children immensely in their reading capability. Dr. Cho was at that time a professor in the Department of Foreign Language Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She designed a workbook to teach the children beginning vocabulary words in English. Dr. Cho has given us valuable information about the baseline literacy level of children in Morocopay and Puerto Grande.

Children in Honduras

To keep the children busy and to provide fun for them, Linda Parks brings games and toys for the children to occupy theme while their parents wait to be seen at the medical clinics. She has found that musical instruments are the biggest pleasure for them. She also tells them stories with puppets with the aid of a translator. The pleasure and delight of the children make the heat easily bearable.