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Key Humanitarian Initiative for Southern Honduras (KHISH) is a non-profit charitable corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (U.S. tax-exempt number: 81-2599857) in the United States. Address for donations:

Post Office Box 8326
Richmond, VA 23226

KHISH will have ultimate authority to use contributions made to KHISH at KHISH’s discretion consistent with KHISH’s exempt purposes. KHISH continues to welcome and appreciate donations from the churches that have so generously supported KHISH in the past, including Immanuel Episcopal Church (Mechanicsville, VA), Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Richmond, VA),  First Presbyterian Church of Port Jefferson (Port Jefferson, NY), and Grace Episcopal Church (Kilmarnock) and St. Andrews Presbyterian (Church, Kilmarnock,VA ).

Examples of ways your donation could be used:

$60 buys 100 pairs of children’s sunglasses:

Honduran children with sunglasses

$125 pays for the services of one translator for a week:

Eye doctor speaking to patient through translator

$40 buys a set of children’s instruments:

Cartoon of child playing guitar

$120 buys a one-year supply of vitamins for one child :

Vitamins graphic

$700 covers the cost of a van and driver for one week:

Van driver cartoon

$180 Pays for 26 x 26 x 26 container for supplies:

Tractor trailor truck


Ways to Donate to the Key Humanitarian Initiative for Southern Honduras:

Sponsoring a volunteer:

You may be moved to be a part of this mission, but unable to do so physically. Perhaps you would sponsor the participation fee or airfare for one of our volunteers. The participation fee is $1500 per person. Volunteers must pay for their own airfare. By donating frequent flyer miles you may enable someone to go in your place.

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Donating Medical Supplies

KHISH is also able to accept in-kind donations of medical/surgical equipment and supplies.  Please contact us at for information as to how this can be accomplished.

Supporting KHISH with Cash:

You may wish to mail a check, made out to KHISH to the address below:

Mail monetary contributions to:

PO Box 8326
Richmond Virginia 23226

Or you may wish to use PayPal, credit, or debit here: 

Make a donation!