Dr. David
Dr. David
Dr. Martinez
Dr. Martinez
Dr. Wheatley
Dr. and Dra. Spittle
Dr. and Dra. Spittle
Dr. Jim Wheatley


And for all of your hard work and willingness to put in hours outside, a big thanks to the Glacial Multimedia team, including: Michael Dobkowski, Maxim Havlicek, Onur Birsen, Leona Vera, Katherine Gifford, Ashley Hopkins, Jaclyn Pitcairn, Tonya Collins, Jeremy Lindemann, Samantha Galligan, and Katie Conroy.

A heartfelt thanks to the Partners at Glacial Multimedia, Inc.: Michael Dobkowski, Maxim Havlicek, and Onur Birsen. To Michael, for having the heart to invest the time and resources of Glacial Multimedia, Inc. into a humanitarian effort, and for choosing me to get the ball rolling. To all three of the Partners, for giving of their personal income to this mission, and for their generosity in sending two of their employees to Honduras for a week. Their sacrifices have exponentially altered the course of life for the people of San Lorenzo.

Michael Dobkowski
Maxim Havlicek
Maxim Havlicek
Onur Birsen
Onur Birsen
Michael Dobkowski

Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International: For your generosity in providing the equipment crucial to a surgical medical mission, as well as for providing a forum in which Ophthalmologists and other health care providers can find opportunities to volunteer their medical skills in humaniatrian efforts around the world.


The Project Vision 2012 Team in Nacaome, Honduras United States Based:

Ronald B. David, MD, Principal--VA

Carlos E. Martinez, MD, Lead Ophthalmologist--CA

James W. Wheatley, MD, Ophthalmologist--NC

Brian M. Spittle, OD Optometrist--VA

Norma H. Spittle, OD Optometrist--VA

Jaqueline Diehl, Ophthalmology Technician--CA

Leona Vera, Cinematography--ME

Adam Pelletier, Cinematography--ME

Honduras Based:

Angelo Murcia, MD, Ophthalmologist

Adolfo Moreno Guzman, MD, Family Physician

Melvin Tejada, Administrator

Stephanie Moreno, Administrative Assistant

Nubia Leiva, Ophthalmology Technician

Carman Toro, Ophthalmology Technician

Juan Carlos Marroquin, Ophthalmology Technician

Eusebio Cabrera, Assistant

United States Partners:

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church--VA

Immanuel Episcopal Church--VA

Richmond Optometric Society--VA

Surgical Eye Expeditions International---CA

Trinity Presbyterian Church--PA

First Presbyterian Church of Port Jefferson-- NY

Glacial Multimedia, Inc.--ME

Congregation Or Ami--VA

Honduras Partners:

Hospital San Lorenzo

Centro Cristiano de Servicios Humanitario de Honduras

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