Sitting here on the porch.  A year almost to the day, four years ago.  Cool for an August evening, quiet in the woods.  Listening to Ron talking to Pat, remembering a night four years ago when we came together.  Random chance, “connecting the dots,” or the Holy Spirit orchestrating this wonderful encounter.  Choose your world view, choose how you view what happened next.  Ron is talking to Pat, how to proceed with a vision that took shape four years ago.

I am sitting in “my” seat, equidistant between the kitchen and the outdoor grill, as the food gets cold (again) while impassioned people choose to converse now, eat later.  Four years ago, Pat’s son got married in Charlottesville, mutual friends in town for the wedding, dinner on the porch.  Pat, retired from a corporation that devotes itself to eye care and the products that it makes available to the developing world.  Ron, observing that there are lots of people in Southern Honduras with cataracts.  Pat asking if we’ve ever heard of “SEE International.”

In the intervening time, Project Vision, or KHISH Proyecto Vision has hosted two teams of ophthalmologists, recruited through SEE International, with the support of indigenous eye care professionals from the other end of Honduras, to restore sight to a couple of hundred individuals suffering from cataracts in the South of Honduras.  In this country where 59 ophthalmologists try to serve eight million people, this is a tiny dent in an almost overwhelming problem.

We choose to value our Honduran friends above all else.  They know the magnitude of the issues.  We have met with them to hammer out the Articles of Incorporation for a non-profit that will enable them to do what they know needs to be done and how to do it in a Honduran culture.  Plans are in place for a third annual mission trip, bringing together people who choose to be of service and people who want to see.

 Honduras 2014-15 KHISH Project Vision

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