Dr David

Eye Project and Medical/Dental Projects 

Dr Ron David, Pediatric Neurologist

Coordinator and Founder, KHISH  Proyecto Visiòn

Richmond, Virginia

Dr. Ron David of Richmond, Virginia specializes in Pediatric Neurology. As a co-founder of the Key Humanitarian Initiative for Southwest Honduras, he is the heart and soul of Project Vision. With 2013 as his eighth consecutive mission, he is investing his life in the people of Honduras and is a friend to all.


Dr Martinez

Dr Carlos Martinez, Ophthalmologist

Volunteer Eye Surgeon

Long Beach, California

Doctor Carlos Martinez from Eye Physicians of Long Beach, California. Specializes in LASIK, Cataract and Oculoplastic Eye Surgery. Had it not been for his sharing the stories of his volunteer work with Michael during a chance business visit, Glacial Multimedia, Inc. might never have had this rewarding opportunity to be a part of Project Vision's medical mission. His sincere heart for helping others is apparent to everyone he comes into contact with. "Que Dios te bendigaque tu puedes continuar les ayuda."


Dr Wheatley

Dr Jim Wheatley, Ophthalmologist

Volunteer Eye Surgeon

Concord, North Carolina

Dr. Jim Wheatley of Concord, North Carolina has, In four years of retirement,  participated in more than twelve medical missions trips, to places including Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Viet Nam, and Honduras. His technical expertise in the operating room, combined with his kind nature and willingness to work tirelessly, have made him an invaluable part of the team.


Drs SpittleDr Norma Spittle and Dr Brian Spittle, Optometrists

Midlothian, Virginia

The Drs. Spittle answered a call to the Richmond Optometric Society and joined Project Vision in 2012.  Co-owners of The Eye Place in Midlothian, Virginia, they had already made annual missions trips a part of their lives.  This was their first opportunity to utilize their professional skills to aid individuals in need in the developing world.  Their role in screening potential surgical candidates and preparing them for the surgical team cannot be overestimated.

 Dr Keith Kellum, Ophthalmologist

Volunteer Eye Surgeon

Houma, Louisiana

Dr. Keith Kellum is a graduate of Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1994.  He is currently in solo private practice in Houma, LA.  He has a special interest in glaucoma and cataract surgery but practices comprehensive ophthalmology.  He has been interested in participating in medical missions since finishing his residency at LSU in New Orleans.  Thanks to his friendship with Dr. Carlos Martinez, a dream of his will soon be fulfilled.


Dr Hermes Adolfo Moreno Guzman, General Medical Doctor

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Dr Moreno works year round in a general medical clinic in the Iglesia Presbiteriana Pena de Horeb in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, providing free care to the needy under the auspices of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay.  Since 2005, he has accompanied KHISH's brigadas medica (or medical brigades) to the impoverished communities of the South of Honduras.  To say that we could never have gotten this far without him is the ultimate understatement!  He is the very model of hard work and dedication.


Tara Wright McGehee, Medical Student

Richmond, Virginia

Tara is a senior medical student at VCU School of Medicine who is pursuing a career in ophthalmology.  Tara's passion for working in developing nations started while studying abroad in Peru in college, and she fell in love with the people of Honduras during a mission trip in 2010.  During Project Vision, Tara hopes to learn more about the prevalence of cataracts and other eye diseases and the impact cataract removal is having on the vision and quality of life of the patients in San Lorenzo and surrounding communities.  She also hopes to utilize her medical Spanish and to learn about the logistics of what makes a successful brigade, as she hopes to continue international mission work throughout her career.  Our thanks go to her preceptor, Dr Steven Crossman, who directs the medical mission program of the VCU School of Medicine, called Hombre, as part of his work as professor in the Department of Family Medicine at VCU.  He recognized Tara's unique capabilities and introduced her to Project Vision.



Dr Leonard Jensen, Dentist and Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry





Dr Susan Pillsbury David, Pediatrician, Co-Founder KHISH Proyecto Visiòn, Richmond, Virginia. Susan spearheads KHISH Medical/Dental Projects. She was the winner of the 2012 Frist Humanitarian Award (Health Corporation of America) which cited her 32 years of pediatric practice and her seminal medical work in the Honduran south.


Dr Barbara Olson, Pediatric Neurologist,Nashville Tennessee 

As a trained pediatrician and neurologist, Dr Olson is committed to improving the health and well being of children.  Her dedication to KHISH allows this "worker B" to share her knowledge with the deserving and grateful families of southern Honduras.



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