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KHISH Project Vision Trip, January 1-9, 2017



Information for Participants

We are happy to welcome you to the team!  This is Year Twelve for the Medical and Dental brigades, and Year Six for the Eye Brigade. 

Each year’s group includes a number of “veterans” and some newbies.  The Nord Americanos will be joined by Honduran support staff and colleagues in almost equal numbers.  We all will work hard, with ample time to play and rest.

Each team member brings unique gifts, past experiences, and expectations.  Remember that we are guests of the Honduran people.  We have been invited to serve by the Presbytery of Honduras and the Hospital San Lorenzo.  Our Honduran colleagues have also donated their time to serve the poor people of the South.

The cost of participation for each North American team member is $1500.  Each person also pays for his/her own transportation to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.  You are encouraged to request support from your friends, families, employers, and churches toward your own costs, if you choose to do so.

What is included in your cost of participation:

  •                 All ground transportation in Honduras
  •                 All lodging and meals in Honduras
  •                 Your portion of the cost for Honduran drivers, translators, and colleagues
  •                 Your portion of the cost of medicines and supplies for surgeries and clinics
  •                 Excess baggage charges (you will be reimbursed)
  •                 Tips
  •                 Insurance (for surgical equipment)

What is not included in your cost of participation:

  •                 Transportation to departure airport and parking
  •                 Immunizations and medications for personal use
  •                 Travel insurance (purchase at same time as plane ticket)
  •                 Souvenirs and alcoholic beverages 

Each participant makes his/her own airline reservations.  Options for travel to Tegucigalpa (TGU) from the US include:  American Airlines (via Miami), United Airlines (via Houston), Delta Airlines (via Atlanta), and Avianca (via El Salvador).  [A few cautions:  more cancellations and travel troubles in the past with American, and customs/immigration in Miami can be a nightmare on the return].  All the airlines arrive and depart within a couple of hours of one another.  We gather in the arrivals area of the airport, and are met by our coordinator and drivers.  We will change money at the airport, load up our vehicles, gas up, and head South.  You will only need cash (lempiras) for personal needs such as souvenirs, snack foods, and excess tipping (at your discretion).

Each team member will be expected to transport duffel bags of supplies.  No prescription drugs will be carried by non-physicians.  You will have a copy of a letter (in Spanish) stating that the over-the-counter medicines and supplies you are transporting are for donation to the poor.  This is for the unlikely event that you are flagged into Customs at the airport in Tegucigalpa.  Pack your personal clothing and other items in your carry on, as much as possible.  See your airline’s baggage limits.  At this time of year, NO excess number of bags is permitted.  Be sure to hold on to your baggage claim ticket, as the airport personnel in TGU will only allow you to exit baggage claim with your own bags.

One-half of your participation fee ($750) is due by September 1.  The balance ($750) is due by December 1st. Deposits, once made, are non-refundable (but may be carried over to a future year for yourself, or transferred to a replacement participant for 2016).  Immanuel Episcopal Church participants will arrange payments through Immanuel’s treasurer.  All others should make checks payable to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (with the memo that funds are for the KHISH mission trip), and mailed to KHISH at 6000 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville VA 23111.

You are encouraged to make your airline reservations early.  The airfares can almost double if made within the last month before departure.

 You also are encouraged to consult with your personal physician or a travel clinic concerning needed immunizations. The website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( is an authoritative site for what is needed.  Be sure to carry your personal medications in your carry on bag.

Questions?  Contact:

Ron David             (804) 328-2207             

Susan David         (804) 387-2302             




   2015 Project Vision Staff,Consultants and  Participants

United States Based: 

Richard E. Kurtz, (PA) 

   KHISH, Founder and Principal 

Susan L. Pillsbury David, MD (VA) 


Ronald B. David, MD (VA) 


Keith E. Kellum, MD (LA) 

  Co-Lead Ophthalmologist 

Carlos E. Martinez, MD (CA) 

   Co-Lead Ophthalmologist 

M. Theresa Turla, MD (LA)


Barbara J. Olson MD (TN) 

   Post Operative Examinations 

Patrick E. Dundas (CA) 

   Consultant and Fund Raising 

Tara L. Wright McGehee, MD (NC) 

   Consultant, Medical Records 

James W. Wheatley, MD (NC) 

   Consulting  Ophthalmologist 

Thomas Edmonds, MD (VA) 

 Consulting Ophthalmologist 

Brian M. Spittle, OD (VA) 

   Consulting Optometrist 

Norma H. Spittle, OD (VA) 

   Consulting Optometrist 

Shannon Atkinson RN (LA) 

   Photographer and OR Nurse 

JoAnn Lightfoot RN (LA) 

   OR Nurse 

Jaqueline Diehl (CA) 

   OR Technician 

Cherry D. Corley (VA) 

   Administrative Associate 

Honduras Based: 

Hermes Adolfo Moreno Guzman MD 

   Family Physician and Board President

 Ricardo Rivera Reichmann MD

    Surgical Ophthalmologist  

 Kristo Arrone Lopez MD

    Surgical Ophthamologist       

Melvin Tejada 

   Senior Administrator and Board Treasurer 

Stephanie Moreno 

   Administrative Associate and Board Secretary  

Lorena Patricia Rivera Torres 

   Board Member 

Rossanna Zamora de Moreno MD 

   Board Member 

Reverend Mark Wright 

   Minister and Refraction

Pamela Molena


United States Partners: 

Congregation Or Ami (VA) 

Divine Providence Ministries (VA)

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (VA) 

Immanuel Episcopal Church (VA) 

Richmond Optometric Society (VA)  

Surgical Eye Expeditions International (CA) 

Glacial Multimedia (ME) 

Honduras Partners: 

Centro Cristiano de Servicios 

  Humanitario de Honduras  

Fundación de Apoyo y Vigilancia Pro – 

  Mejoramiento del Hospital 

  San Lorenzo/Hospital San Lorenzo 

Fundación Agrolíbano   





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